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Back to school: 20 000 euros in SL Casino Riga


In October 2018, an exclusive SL Casino Riga raffled out 20,000 euros among the guests in the promo event called “Back to School”. About 20 jackpots were raffled, the largest of which was 7,000 euros!

SL casino adheres to the principles of operation used in the best gambling houses of Las Vegas.

SL casino also follows operation principles of Las Vegas best gambling houses.

Here, visitors will find all the popular games and the most hospitable attitude. Prizes are always paid instantly in the presence of a respected public.

To accommodate the new casino in Riga, the choice was made in favor of Kempinski — a beautiful 5-star hotel in the heart of the capital. This location has many advantages: close to the main attractions of the city, and only twenty minutes from the international airport by car. This is very appreciated by foreign guests.

SL Casino and Kempinski allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of real aristocratic luxury and feel what it means to experience the impeccable service. The casino interiors are made in the Art deco style, custom-made carpets and fabrics, exclusive wooden furniture and art objects are used in the rooms. Pleasant lighting complements the atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

The casino halls stretch over 600 square meters. They are specially placed on two floors to distribute players by interests. The ground floor is superbly equipped with slot machines. Next to them you can spend your time in the sports bar. On the first floor there are 10 tables for players containing roulette, various types of poker and blackjack.

SL Casino — network casino with a 25-year history

The gambling house belongs to Shangri La network, well-known in Eastern Europe, operated by Storm International. This is a quality trademark, which is more than 25 years old. The new Latvian casino opened in 2017 and became the fourth along with units in Minsk, Tbilisi and Yerevan. All establishments are decorated in the same style, offer VIP service and are aimed at respectable guests, primarily foreign visitors.

A feature of the brand is to hold events for the public, as well as draws and lotteries with large prizes. Guests of Shangri La in different countries have repeatedly won large sums, Jaguar and Maserati cars, snowmobiles and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Awards for visitors of SL Casino

In the fall of 2018, the first Harley Davidson was raffled at SL Casino (Latvia). And the participants of the “Back to School” promo took with them 20,000 euros from a special prize fund. This fund was divided into 18 jackpots ranging from 250 to 7,000 euros. The lucky ones determined the wheel of fortune. And all the prize money was awarded immediately at a party.

All themed evenings are arranged in accordance with the season and invariably have a special prize fund to revitalize the program with a raffle. Also, invited singers, dancers and musicians perform for guests.

Junket tours for total immersion in the atmosphere of the game

Junket tours to Riga — one of the new destinations in the country, which is gradually gaining popularity. And SL Casino offers its guests VIP conditions and all-inclusive service.

Each tour is planned by a personal manager. The cost of chips includes a complex of premium services:

  • International return flight
  • Accommodation at Grand Hotel Kempinski
  • Transfer to / from casino
  • Food and drinks
  • Riga excursions
  • Individual services that are discussed when planning a tour

Junket tour is an ideal opportunity to spend your holidays with a gambling twist, and even combine them with a sightseeing tour of beautiful Riga.

More about casino features and events on the official website:

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