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Gambling in the History of Mankind

Human beings have always been risk takers. Games have appeared since the advent of human civilization where some events depend on luck. Games have been changing, evolving, but their essence remained the same as it is now.


Games at the dawn of civilization

Humanity has played dice for four millennia already. The game of cubes, in which the sides were marked, was loved by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians. Dice is even mentioned in the Old Testament.

Europeans in the Middle Ages played dice. The game came to Russia exactly from Europe. In the Middle Ages, dice were extremely popular among Eastern people. Until now, the game remains attractive to modern man. A number of gaming establishments offer to play dice: these are craps or sit-bo games, which are very common in Asia.

Many centuries ago, card games began their march on the planet. First, they were played by the Chinese (that’s where the first cards appeared), then the passion for cards swept across India and Persia, and it was not far from Europe at that point already.

A famous roulette came up about three and a half centuries ago. It is believed that the game was developed by the famous great mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.

Following the games casinos appeared

Even in ancient times, there were special institutions where one could play dice or cards. However, casinos with a special official status were opened in the 17th century. The first specialized gambling establishment was created in Venice in the church of Moses. Thus, control over the players during the traditional Venetian carnival, held in spring. Casinos quickly spread all over European countries, and a century later conquered America.

The usual range of games wasn’t formed immediately. It includes:

  • Roulette (now it exists in several varieties).
  • Card games.
  • Dice.

And, of course, slot machines. At first, they were mechanical, appeared in the UK in the late 19th century. At the very beginning of the twentieth century the famous slot machine Liberty Bell was created in America. By the end of the century, all slot-halls already had electronic equipment.

The advent of virtual playgrounds

It’s natural that there was an idea to adapt the programs of automatic devices to personal computers. At first, it was offline games, but almost a quarter of a century ago, Microgaming created the first virtual playground in the network. That’s how online casino was born.

All the games were very quickly found on the Internet: a lot of roulette, card games and games on slot machines. Advanced institutions of the best online casino like playshangrila hastily included in its set the opportunity to play with a live person, which very much brought the atmosphere of a virtual casino closer to the real one.

Current machines use the latest technology: using 3D-image, special soundtracks, intricate scripts. Three years ago, social machines in the online space were identified into a separate category.

Casino on mobile phone

Ten years after the emergence of virtual gaming establishments, there appeared games for mobile phones. At first, these were offline games, which had low resolution and little functionality. They very quickly became popular.

Finally, 12 years ago, players were given the opportunity to bet in games placed on several portals. Many people wanted to take advantage of this unique opportunity. This was the birth of a mobile casino.

The rapid progress in the telephone industry very fast led to the fact that the casino on the mobile phone is practically no different from the online gaming institution on desktop devices. Mobile casinos have the same functions, menus and modern online slots for fun. It’s about new products, which immediately adapt to mobile tablets and smartphones.

Different mobile gadgets from the virtual playground are only finger-oriented.

Of the seven and a half a billion mobile gadgets that were registered last year, four out of five are connected to the world wide web. One in five of the connected users — is a player. In four years, we are promised an increase in mobile devices to nine billion, and the game will be played not by every fifth, but every third person with a mobile gadget. Humanity once again confirmed its need for excitement and its realization.

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